"Politicians are so plentiful in Australia that a person dare not throw a stone for fear of hitting one."
From the remarks of a globe-trotter.

Rashly I shot an arrow in the air,
   And, as my shaft into the zenith sped,
I knew 'twas bound to fall some time, somewhere;
  And wondered if 'twould drop upon some head.

A certain friend of mine who loitered near Remarked, "Don't let the thing distress you, please. 'Twill hit a politician, never fear." And so, my tortured conscience was at ease.
Now, when I read of Party Government, * Its wrangles, lies, and methods most unfair, I calmly step outside my tenement * And shoot another arrow in the air.

The Bulletin, 2 April 1914, p30

*Please read "Govern-ment" and "tenem-ent" in order to allow faulty rhyme.
CROLL Collection MS 8910 1202/1(b) - State Library of Victoria

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