Works in the Bulletin 1909

Asked if, in effect the agreement did not closely approximate to the Labor Party's Brisbane Conference proposal, Mr. Deakin admitted that in some measure it did, though the conclusions arrived at had been reached independently of that conference's views, and along different lines altogether. - Melbourne AGE.

Say you have some great objective.
Very well. Be calm, reflective;
Make no vulgar show of vigor; 'tisn't good.
Do not rush the thing directly;
But approach it circumspectly,
As a gentlemanly politician should.
Though certain consequences hinge upon the laws you make,
Your prestige in high politics rests with the road you take.

For the common sort of fellows, With enthusiastic bellows, Rush about and shout their schemes in ev'ry ear; In their shirt-sleeves, toiling, fretting, And most vulgarly a-sweating, Quite without a thought or care how they appear. And if they do arrive at things a trifle in advance Their strenuous endeavors go to prove their ignorance.
Have a care for your appearance If you claim the least adherence To the genteel game of politics as played By right-thinking politicians, Who "consider their positions" Once a week, while common business is delayed. And shun, O, shun that fearsome fellow eager for a spurt, And the man who, metaphorically, labors in his shirt.
What though others rush before you? What though busy folk ignore you? Draw your gloves on carefully and take your stick. Having chosen your direction, Then proceed, with circumspection, Stepping out with dignity - but not too quick. If mere workers are before you, that is what you must expect; But reflect, with satisfaction, that your route is more select.
Then, pray, have no hesitation - Should you find your destination Is the same as that of him that humps the load - In declaring that your action Gives you perfect satisfaction, As you reached the place by quite another road. Ignore his paltry claim to being first - such was his whim; But emphasise the fact that you disdained to follow him.

The Bulletin, 9 September 1909, p10

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