Works in the Bulletin 1909

Mr Cook objected to the Government because of the attitude of the Prime Minister at Hobart. . . Mr Cook also objected on account of the Prime Minister's action regarding the Dreadnought proposal. . . Mr Cook objected to the Government attitude in regard to the Post Office. . . Mr Cook objected to the New Protection. . . Mr Cook also objected etc. etc. - Defence Minister Pearce.

What's the use?
   Give it best;
Cut her loose;
   Have a rest.
Hope is dead;
   Gloom collects,
Nuff is said -
      Cook objects.

Moth and rust Hither lurk; All is bust, Knock off work. Nation's great Architects, Clean the slate; Cook objects.
Oh the schemes That we planned! Dreaming dreams For the land. All in vain. Hope neglects To remain; Cook objects.
Navy; what? Army too? Blessed rot; All is blue. It's all one Who protects. Drop your gun; Cook objects.
Let her rip, All is up. Have to sip Bitter cup. Tear your hair Woe connects With despair, Cook objects.
Fellow Aust- Ralians, Trouble's crossed All our plans. Seek the tomb; Fate selects Us for doom. Cook objects.
Death marks us For his own. (Grisly cuss.) Our head-tone, With a laugh, He erects. Epitaph - "Cook objects."
Drop a tear; Heave a sigh; End is near; Say goodbye. Sell up home And effects. (Dismal pome) Cook objects.

The Bulletin, 22 April 1909, p16

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