Works in the Bulletin 1908
Oh, loyal Orange breth-er-en.
I pray you act as Christlan men,
And, should your spleen arise, count ten
   Before you speak.
Nay, bear me, brothers, I beseech.
Refrain from all un-Christian speech
Remember! He, whose Word we preach,
   Was ever week.

The lazy, low Italian, The cheating, shifty Mexican - All Papist creatures to a man; Avid brutes at that - The scum that Rome's base agents skim With mummery from ages dim. Dear brothers, let us sing a n'ymn, And pass the bat.
Oh, Orangemen, I cannot find Words to express my state of mind - Fit epithets to name the kind Of brutish man Who takes the word of Popery Concerning dim eternity. But, brothers, let us ever be Ker-is-ti-an.
Then, look upon the Irish too - A miserable murd'rous crew! They'll feed you up on Irish stew, Then cut your throat. And - it is truth that I allege - They'll shoot you from behind a hedge - Dear brothers, recollect your pledge, And peace promote.
Oh, loyal, loving, Orangemen, Be tolerant and kindly when You preach about your fellow men. E'en as I be. Be ever mild and circumspect. (A curse on all the Popish sect!) And brothers, brothers, recollect Sweet Charity.

The Bulletin, 20 August 1908, p11

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002