Works in the Bulletin 1911

The Ministry has done well not to commit itself witb respect to the Melbourne tramway system. Immediate legislation on that subject will not make another blade of grass grow. To spend time arguing about making the excellent means of communication in the Metropolis better, whilst the numerous "glue-pots" on country roads are allowed to grow deeper, would be a very poor kind of policy. - Melbourne ARGUS.

You can't expect it! Goodness me!
'Twould be a dreadful policy!
What sort of Ministerial dunce
Would try to do two things at once?

How can they deal with city needs, While Bungalong or Rooville pleads, For culverts, and Wow-wow grows sick Through want of bridges o'er its "crick?"
The logic of the thing's so plain: To legislate on tram and train Can't dig a single, blighted spud Or help one milker chew her cud.
Then what's the use? One might say more: What are our legislators for? Such vaunted measures as Defence Won't build a single dog-leg fence.
Your splendid dreams of nationhood Don't do the cocky any good. Besides, there's something more than that, They're apt to interfere with Fat!

The Bulletin, 20 July 1911, p24

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