Works in the Bulletin 1908

I would sooner be found dead than join the Bent Ministry. - PRENDERGAST, M.L.A. (Victoria).

If, some day, you should find me, cold and stark -
   If you should stumble o'er my lifeless clay
In some still thoroughfare or public park
                                    And sadly say:
"Alack, and had he lived, as like as not
He'd reigned with Bent!" I should not care a jot.

If I should die in some by-way obscure, And you should come across my silent corse In its last sleep, my spirit would - be sure - Know no remorse. 'Twere better that I thus had ceased to live If life with Bent were the alternative.
I say, if I should die, and all alone; And, dying thus, escape the wiles of Bent; O'er my remains I'd have you make no moan, Nor yet lament. But let relief be mingled with your woe; And murmur o'er my clay, "'Twere better so."
Nay, if you came, as in my bier I lay, And sald, "Who knows? If this had not occurred" - I should arise in my grave-clothes and say, "Don't be absurd!" And, being safely out of Tommy's reach, I'd probably get out and make a speech.
I'd tell you, "Better have a monument Above my head and, coffined, lie at rest Than live in some Cabinet with Bent Upon my chest." And, having said all that was to he said, I should continue being very dead.

The Bulletin, 12 November 1908, p18

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