Letter by CJD to R.H. Croll 1932.04.07

His Majestys Theatre
7th April, 1932.

Dear Bob,

Your friend, Mr Hynes, has already introduced me to his son and mentioned the fact that he was studying sound technique and looking for a position. I am keeping him in mind but just at present I am afraid there is no opening in this office for a sound man, but if matters continue to develop, as they are developing, I have no doubt we will very soon be needing extra men. If, and when we do, I shall get in touch with young Hynes.

I should be very glad to have your opinion after you have seen "The Bloke".

In the meantime, cheerio
Yours truly,
C.J. Dennis

CROLL Collection MS 8910, 1202/1(b) - State Library of Victoria.

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