Letter by CJD to R.H. Croll 1920.06.12

11th June 1920

Dear Bob,

Thanks for your congratulations on my little effort in the "Age". I have been trying to break in on the great dailies for years and have at last succeeded. Needless to say the pay was munificent. I need never work again. All the same, I rather resent the suggestion that I plagarized Purcell(?). I may have unconsciously copied his style - we all do but it is permissible to take tips from the masters.

What Boys' Annual are you doing the stuff for and what photos do you want? I have several I can lend you. Let me know.

Come along soon if you are coming. We are for Sydney in a few weeks, and Lord knows how long we shall be away. We might go on the America.

I wondered why you hadn't come up or written, but, when I heard the other day that you had been hobnobbing with Eddie Windsor, I knew you had got uppish. But I've heard he is a nice little boy to play with.

When do the knighthoods come out? I am longing to hear the rolling of those r's - Sir-r-r R-r-oberrt Cr-r-roll. The wife says she will set it to music and get Sir-r-r Har-r-ry Lauder-r-r to sing it.


CROLL Collection MS 8910, 1202/1(b) - State Library of Victoria.

The reference to a work in the Age newspaper may refer to "The Grab School", a small poem published in the paper on 8th June 1920, as by "J.M. Dennis".
The "Eddie Windsor" referred to was the then Prince of Wales, who was visiting Victoria at the time of this letter.

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