Letter by CJD to R.H. Croll 1917.11.12

Nov 12/17

Dear Bob,

The desk duly arrived on Saturday in good order, and I'm pleased to say that, without any guff, the wife was delighted. As near as possible you hit upon just the thing she wanted, so you will be pleased as well as I. Thanks for the trouble you took.

I am returning books by this mail - signed.

Pepys, you will be glad to hear has started his diary, much to the wife's annoyance. He scatters his little notes all over the floor & furniture. He is indeed a voluminous writer.


The reference to "Pepys" in the letter above may refer to a column that was written in the Age newspaper titled "Ye Diary of Samuel Pepys (Reincarnated)". I have only been able to find one column thus far, dated 12.06.1920, but it had no writer's credit.

CROLL Collection MS 8910, 1202/1(b) - State Library of Victoria.

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