Letter by CJD to R.H. Croll 1913.12.11

Dec 11/13

Dear Bob,

A fine one will do, at 5/6. Never mind straps. I can make them myself for about sixpence.

I trust, if you are not fit yet, that the trip on Saturday will mend you. A narsty corf still hangs to me, but it is not bad enough now to interfere with my work. Have done the market article and am rather pleased with it. At present on a "Lone Hand" story, a sequel to "The Satyr". Shall show it to you when you come up. Remind me to tell you of a little scheme I have for a "Railway Book".

Am proud to see my name shining on that Lit. Society program. It is a grand ad.

Can't you manage to sneak Monday morn?

Till Saturday,

CROLL Collection MS 8910 1202/1(b) - State Library of Victoria.

The market article referred to is probably Haggling in Filth, published in the Herald on 20 December 1913.
The "Lone Hand" story referred to is "Sassafrasus", published in "The Lone Hand" on 1 May 1914.
This is the only reference I have seen to a "Railway Book".

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