Letter by CJD to R.H. Croll 1913.09.02

Sept 2/13

Dear Croll,

Do you know if Strong has yet got a copy of "B. Ballads"? Also, would you mind sending me address of "Booklover" and any other papers you know of that devote space to book reviews?

Sorry to worry you so much, but you understand how I am handicapped. Also, remember the story of the lion and the mouse.

Am hard at it on political jingle and Xmas stuff.

That's a good yarn in "Bulletin" about the "sternum". Was it yours?

Yours truly,
C.J. Dennis

CROLL Collection MS 8910, 1202/1(b) - State Library of Victoria.

"Strong" is probably Sir Archibald Thomas Strong who lectured in English at the University of Melbourne and was, for many years, literary critic for the Herald newspaper.

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