Letter by CJD to J.G. Roberts 1917.09.15

Sept 15/17

Dear Dad,

Very many thanks for greetings. Forty one is a ripe old age for a hard writer, but I expect to totter along a bit further and eventually do some work that is really worth while.

When you see Shirlow please give him my congratulations. It is a positive pleasure to see yet another man coming into his own.

As for the old banjo: bring it with you when you come to Toolangi and perform the ceremony of restoring it to its ancient home.

We are both hard at putting the place to rights.

Kind regards to self and family.

Yours truly,

J.G. Roberts Collection, MS8508, Book 3 - State Library of Victoria.

"Shirlow" was John Shirlow, an art associate of Web Gilbert, part of the group who used to visit "Sunnyside", Roberts's house, with Dennis.

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