Letter by CJD to J.G. Roberts 1914.12.13

Dec 13/14

Dear Dad,

Herewith verses to complete "The Sentimental Bloke". I am fairly satisfied with them, and have spent a good deal of thought on them. Mother likes them greatly - I think mainly on account of the extra touch of sentiment. Let me know what you think of them. Have I slopped over? "Uncle Jim" follows "Beef Tea" and the "Mooch" comes in last. The French verse goes on the fly leaf. Am sending two sets. Please pass one on to Bob. I still have the glossary to do, and shall send you a set when finished.

Thanks for "Bulletin"; but I got a copy this week, as they have put me on the free-list again at last.

All well here except for a deluge of raspberries. Am glad to see Frank doing so well. How about the British navy now?


This letter was inserted at the end of an original typescript of "The Songs of a Sentmental Bloke".
"Mother" is Mrs J.G. Roberts and "Frank" is Frank Roberts, the son of Mr and Mrs Roberts who was serving in the armed forces at the time.
"Bob" is R.H. Croll.

J.G. Roberts Collection - State Library of Victoria, MS6214.

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