Letter by CJD to J.G. Roberts 1913.11.20

Nov 20/13

Dear Mr Roberts,

You are hereby warned for undue interference with the competitors. But for your letter Duty might have had a chance, but as it is Inclination has won hands down. I shall be very glad to accept all three of your hospitable invitations - to put in Friday night at "Eumana", to spend the week-end at "Sunnyside", and to extend the stay and return to town with the midnight pumpkin.

I shall leave Yarra Glen by the 8.15 p.m. on Friday, and shall be very glad if you will meet me at Canterbury; but please do not hesitate to alter the last arrangement if it does not suit your convenience. You are a busy man,and I am afraid it is putting you about a great deal and wasting an evening for you just to drag you down to Canterbury to meet me.

Croll and eight others were here on Sunday last. My little front room has not held such a crowd for a long time. It is a fine break in the monotony to get these fellows up here occassionally. Croll speaks of putting in three days up here shortly, and I am trying to keep him up to the mark.

Kind regards to Mrs. Roberts and the family.

Till Friday,

Yours truly,
C.J. Dennis

J.G. Roberts Collection, MS8508, Book F1 - State Library of Victoria.

Note: J.G. Roberts wrote on this letter that Dennis actually meant Camberwell rather than Canterbury in the second paragraph. Camberwell is a major railway station on the line from the city to Yarra Glen. Roberts was living in Hawthorn (the "Eumana" mentioned in the first paragraph) at the time of this letter and Camberwell would have been the best station for Dennis to alight.

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