Letter by CJD to George Robertson 1916.06.21

Commonwealth Offices
21 June 1916

Dear Mr Robertson,

Many thanks for the two books which arrived yesterday. I have not had time to look into them yet, but shall have a good time with them some weekend.

As regards your suggestions for "Mick". I can understand your objection to verse 3 of "War", but why take exception to 4 and 5? I can't make the Bloke a teetotaller, and it strikes me as a good bit of colour. As regards verse 3, that kicking episode down in Spadger's is supposed to have taken place in the Bloke's unregenerate days before he met Doreen. Anyhow, I have been thinking that, as you say, the excuse for non-enlistment is hardly necessary.

The idea of having some slender connection between the "Bloke" and "Mick" had already occurred to me, and your letter has decided me. I shall put in a line or two; but I want this second book to stand on its own, and not appear to lean on the success of the Bloke. Therefore, I am not keen on too many references to Doreen in Mick.

Mr Tare likes all the "Mick" stuff excepting "Rabbits", which he considers disconnected and forced. I should like to have your opinion about it.

I believe I am also to have some criticisms from Professor Osborne. So it ought to be "some" book. However, the finished proofs have got to satisfy me.

Yours Truly,
C.J. Dennis

This letter was written in reply to a letter from George Roberston a few days earlier.

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