Letter by W. J. Locke to George Robertson 1915.12.17

Corner Hall
Hemel Hempstead
17th. Dec., '15

Messrs Angus and Robertson
Dear Sirs,

I greatly appreciate the compliment you have paid me in sending me a copy of Mr. Dennis's "Sentimental Bloke." But further than this you have given me a new and ever to be re-tasted joy. The "Songs" are so fresh, spontaneous, so full of laughter and humanity, that they make the eternal appeal.

Mr. Gye's quaint illustrations have also given me much enjoyment.

With cordial thanks for a new and delightful sensation,

I am,
Yours faithfully,
W. J. Locke

W.J. Locke was the author of "The Beloved Vagabond", etc.

Moir Collection, MS 13037,Box 3723/2, State Library of Victoria

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