Letter by Reg Stanley to Alex H Chisholm 1957.07.07

16 Cotham Rd.,
7th July 1957

Dear Mr. Chisholm,

I am in receipt of your letter dated 26 June 1957, re verses by the late C.J. Dennis, and have much pleasure in forwarding herewith enclosed, copy of same.

I was not aware of your biography of Den; I might have been able to add a few interesting sidelights! - had I known.

I first knew Den in about the year 1910 and later was fairly closely associated with him at Healesville for 16 years. It was at my request that he wrote "The Calling Hills of Healesville". The more I read them, the more beautiful they are, and the more they portray the heart and mind of our late friend. I think you will be interested. When in Melbourne he stayed at the Menzies, but he confided in me that he could not write there. He had to go back to the bush for his inspirations.

Yours faithfully,
Reg Stanley

[attached is a typed copy of the poem mentioned]

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