Letter by E. Morris Miller to R.H. Croll 1944.04.18

18th April, 1944.

My Dear Robert,

I regret that at present nothing comes to mind on the Dennis item, "In the Garden of Arden". When I first read your letter I thought of J.K. Moir, but the item to which he introduced me was "The Australaise", 1915. As no imprint was recorded it is probable that the "Garden of Arden" is a poem separately issued, but I should have indicated this fact, as in the case of the "Sydney Bridge." Perhaps J.K. Moir may know something of it. The "Sydney Bridge" item came to me from the Mitchell library. I regret I have become "amnesiac" to many matters in "A.L.". With pleasant memories of our recent chat,

Yours very sincerely,
E. Morris Miller

"In the Garden of Arden" is unknown at this time.
The "Sydney Bridge" item mentioned is most probably "I Dips Me Lid".

R.H. Croll Collection MS8964 FB19 - State Library of Victoria

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