A Book for Kids
As I rode in to Burrumbeet,
I met a man with funny feet;
And, when I paused to ask him why
His feet were strange, he rolled his eye
And said the rain would spoil the wheat;
So I rode on to Burrumbeet.

As I rode in to Beetaloo, I met a man whose nose was blue; And when I asked him how he got A nose like that, he answered, "What Do bullocks mean when they say 'Moo'?" So I rode on to Beetaloo.
As I rode in to Ballarat, I met a man who wore no hat; And, when I said he might take cold, He cried, "The hills are quite as old As yonder plains, but not so flat." So I rode on to Ballarat.
As I rode in to Gundagai, I met a man and passed him by Without a nod, without a word. He turned, and said he'd never heard Or seen a man so wise as I. But I rode on to Gundagai.
As I rode homeward, full of doubt, I met a stranger riding out: A foolish man he seemed to me; But, "Nay, I am yourself," said he, "Just as you were when you rode out." So I rode homeward, free of doubt.

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2002