Backblock Ballads and Other Verses

I love you, dear, o' morn and moon.
   I love your ev'ry mood and guise;
But, neath the soft, enchanting moon,
   Such loveliness the gods must prize.
'Tis then I long to dare and fight
   The world for you, my queen o' night.

We wander in a jewelled bower;
   And, tho' I be your humble slave,
Within that brief, enchanted hour
  I know that I am strong and brave.
'Tis then red war I yearn to make
   And conquer worlds for your sweet sake.

And old romance in splendour comes
   From out the hills to linger nigh;
And in our cause the brave old gums
  Stand sentinel against the sky.
'Tis then I would outrival Mars
   For you -- the sovereign of the stars! 

The Gadfly, 12 December 1906, p839

Copyright © Perry Middlemiss 2003-06