Works in the Bulletin 1910

Mr. Mauger declaims about the past services which he has rendered to Protection. What have past services to count in a time like this, when he is leagued with all the forces which have been most hostile to Protection in the past, and when, under party pressure, he is engaged in setting up Freetrade candidates to oust good Protectionists? - Melbourne AGE.

"It's the very fust time in me life
   That I've ever bin 'ad up 'ere!"
The prisoner cried. "If you think I've lied
   You kin look at me parst career.
I never 'ave bin on the crook,
   An' I never done anythink wrong;
Tho' I owns I wus caught with a reel bad lot,
   An' the case fer the Crown is strong.

"I allus 'ave bin on the square, An' I never palled up with crooks; I kep' honest an' good as a citizen should, As you easy kin tell be me looks. But these fellers kep' hangin' around An' whisperin' things in me ear; So I jes' went along, but I never meant wrong, W'ich is plain from me parst career.
"They sed as they'd all reformed, An' they tole me they'd done their dash At the criminal game; an' they said the same Guv a rotten return in cash. An' I swears I'm an innocent man, Though the fact I will never dispute That the p'leece took me in the conpanee Of fellers of ill-repute.
"I owns we wus hangin' around With a jemmy or two in our sleeves, In a lone, dark lane. But I tell yer again - An' I hope as the Court believes - I never meant anythink wrong, An' I never done anythink crook An' I sees right 'ere that me parst career Is as plain as an open book.
"I've belonged to a temperance league, An' tort in a Sund'y school too; An' it's reel 'ard cheese if sich facts as these Don't have any weight with you. I consorted with these coves 'ere To 'elp 'em along if I could; Fer they ses, 'You're the man to assist in our plan Fer penmotin' the general good.'
"So they gimme a jemmy an' mask, An' I follered 'em inter the lane, An' when I wus copped the Johns never stopped To gimme the time to ixplain. Fer I thort it wus all on the square, An' I swears to the Bench right 'ere That I never bin once in the - Wot? Six munce? Bit look at me parst career!"

The Bulletin, 17 March 1910, p16

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