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Alec Chisholm

A.H. (Alexander Hugh) Chisholm was born in Maryborough, Victoria in 1890 and worked on the Maryborough Advertiser before moving to Brisbane to work on the Daily Mail, and subsequently to Melbourne to edit the Argus. Chisholm knew and worked with Dennis and published his major Dennis work The Making of the Sentimental Bloke in 1946. Dennis wrote the Introduction to Chisholm's work Mateship with Birds, 1922. Alec Chisholm died in 1977.

Works associated with C.J. Dennis
"Low and Den", Bulletin 16 January 1957
"Low and Den", Bulletin 19 February 1958

Relevant Letters
Alec H. Chisholm to Mrs R.H. Croll: 1950.06.05
Reg Stanley to Alec H. Chisholm: 1957.07.07 - re "The Calling Hills of Healesville"
Norman Lindsay to Alec H. Chisholm: 1964.09 - re Chisholm's biography and Dennis

Other References
There is a note, written by Alec Chisholm, attached to a typed copy of Dennis's poem G. K. Chesterton in the McLaren Collection in the Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne.

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