Brian Castro

Brief Biography

Born in a typhoon off Hong Kong in 1950 Brian Castro has spent most of his life in Australia since being sent to boarding school there in 1961. He has taught in schools and universities in Australia, France and Hong Kong and for some years was the literary critic for Asiaweek. Since the early 1990s has been able to write fiction more or less full-time. In 1995 he was Writing Fellow at the Australian National University, the University of Canberra and the Australia Defence Forces Academy.

He currently lives outside of Melbourne in the Dandenong ranges.

Castro's first novel, Birds of Passage, was joint winner of the 1982 Australian/Vogel Award.


Birds of Passage 1983
Pomeroy 1990
Double-Wolf 1991
After China 1992
Drift 1994
Stepper 1997
Shanghai Dancing 2003
The Garden Book 2005

Writing Asia: two lectures 1995
Looking for Estrellita 1999

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