HUNTING THE WILD PINEAPPLE book cover   Hunting the Wild Pineapple
Thea Astley

Cover illustration by Betty Greenhatch

Dustjacket synopsis:
"Leverson the narrator, at the centre of these stories, calls himself a 'people freak'. Seduced by North Queensland's sultry beauty and unique strangeness, he is as fascinated by the invading hordes of misfits from the south as by the old-established Queenslanders.

"Leverson's ironical yet compassionate view makes every story, every incident, a pointed example of human weakness - or strength."

"Thea Astley is the most . . ironic, enjoyable and provacative of our novelists." - Adrian Mitchell, The Australian
"Thea Astley has switched from the novel to the short story producing a collection of brilliance in Hunting the Wild Pineapple ... With these eight tales, all set in North Queensland, Thea Astley, a Queenslander, has found her True North as a writer." - Helen Frizell, Sydney Morning Herald

"North: Some Compass Readings: Eden"
"The Curate Breaker"
"Hunting the Wild Pineapple"
"A Northern Belle"
"Petals from Blown Roses..."
"Ladies Only Need Apply"
"Write Me, Son, Write Me"
"A Man Who Is Tired of Swiper's Creek Is Tired of Life"

From the Penguin paperback edition, 1985.

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